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Blog - Nov 17, 2022

Authorization strategies for XoL placements

As a reinsurer, Tremor’s powerful authorization tools uniquely allow you to control your allocation while having a strong voice in the placement process. We recently discussed how to use supply curves to control your allocation and how Tremor gives you a stronger voice in the placement process – in this post, we will focus on excess of loss (XoL) towers and highlight a few of the the higher-level strategies that Tremor’s authorization tools make possible, including:
Blog - Oct 13, 2022

The reinsurer voice

Reinsurers are price takers in the firm order terms (FOT) process. The cedent sets pricing and then solicits authorizations from reinsurers – while coverage terms may be negotiated, prices are held firm. Even when reinsurers are invited to quote before terms are set, final pricing is driven largely by broker models and advice. Pure price-taking is a compromise in any market. It simplifies the process but limits the breadth of ways that buyers and sellers can come to terms.
News - Oct 11, 2022

Tremor Launches Product Council with 8 Global Reinsurers Backing Initiative

Tremor Technologies, Inc., the leading online reinsurance pricing and placing platform, is pleased to announce that the company has launched its Reinsurer Product Council with its first cohort of eight global reinsurance companies and ILS funds participating representing nearly $100B in industry capital. Participating companies include a cross section of major US, Bermudian and European reinsurers as well as alternative capital providers. “Tremor is on a mission to create a transparent, price and cost efficient reinsurance marketplace that benefits everyone.
Blog - Sep 8, 2022

Introducing self-driven demos

Have you ever wanted to explore Tremor or see what the experience is like for the other side of a transaction? We’re excited to announce self-driven demos that let you go hands-on with Tremor and simulate transactions. Our self-driven demos let you step through a Panorama transaction as either a cedent or a reinsurer. You can use them to practice, to see how specific features work, and even to experience Tremor from the other side of the transaction.
Blog - May 17, 2022

Controlling your allocation

Tremor’s supply curves and market clearing technology give reinsurers more control over their final lines. As a reinsurer, as soon as a renewal lands on your desk you typically know what you want. Unfortunately, the road to your final line is long. The cedent’s firm order terms – if they are even set when the submission first arrives – will be extrapolated from models and selected reinsurer input. Invariably, these extrapolated prices will be imperfect, and finalizing the placement will require sign-downs or other adjustments.
Blog - Mar 15, 2022

What is Panorama?

What is Tremor’s new Panorama placement process? What are the benefits for reinsurers and cedents? How does it address fundamental shortcomings of firm order terms? Whether you are new to Tremor or a veteran user, read on to learn more about how Panorama modernizes reinsurance placement. The key to process is getting it just right – too little, too much, or even the wrong process can turn a straightforward task into a herculean effort, while a good process can make many of the most complex tasks feel simple.
News - Mar 2, 2022

Tremor Announces RetroOS™ - A Retrocession Operating System for Reinsurers

Tremor Technologies, Inc., the leading online reinsurance pricing and placing platform, is pleased to announce that it has released RetroOS™, a cloud-based operating system for reinsurers buying and selling retro coverage. With RetroOS™, Tremor’s 125 reinsurers can now buy or sell UNL, Parametric, or Blended Retro coverage directly on-platform faster, better and more competitively than traditional placement. On the back of it’s record-breaking $175 million reinsurance premium year in 2021, Tremor is now excited to enter in the retro market in a major way in 2022.
Blog - Feb 17, 2022

Reading the Market Map

As a reinsurer, one of the most valuable things you get when you use Tremor is post-transaction data – Tremor’s market map gives you a clear report of how all of the other reinsurers were pricing the risk and what the cedent chose to buy. Even the insights from a single transaction can be invaluable to you as you price other coverage during a busy renewal season. For this article, we’ll use an example from one of our demos.
News - Dec 3, 2021

Tremor Fetch™ - Automatic Following Capacity Bidding Available to Reinsurers

Tremor Technologies, Inc., the leading online reinsurance pricing and placing platform, is thrilled to announce the firm’s latest major feature release, Tremor Fetch™. Fetch™ allows reinsurers to authorize following capacity and automatically receive their line at the market clearing price, subject to their constraints. Reinsurers utilizing Fetch™ can note their minimum price and also the maximum share they would be willing to receive if they so choose. Along with a suite of authorization subjectivities, Tremor offers nearly 120 participating reinsurers precise capacity authorization capabilities in a secure, online environment.
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