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Blog - Sep 8, 2022

Introducing self-driven demos

Have you ever wanted to explore Tremor or see what the experience is like for the other side of a transaction? We’re excited to announce self-driven demos that let you go hands-on with Tremor and simulate transactions. Our self-driven demos let you step through a Panorama transaction as either a cedent or a reinsurer. You can use them to practice, to see how specific features work, and even to experience Tremor from the other side of the transaction.
News - Nov 9, 2021

Tremor X-Ray™ - Filter Reinsurance Capacity with Real-Time Prices

Tremor Technologies, Inc., the leading online reinsurance pricing and placing platform, is thrilled to announce the firm’s latest major feature release, Tremor X-Ray™. Tremor X-Ray™ X-Ray™ provides insurance companies with powerful real-time views of where capacity is coming from for their reinsurance programs. For the first time, insurers can filter by partner group, A.M. Best rating and more to see how supply flows in the market. Insurers can group reinsurance markets together in various ways, including stacked groups, then see very clearly where the most competitive supply subject to their constraints is coming from and react accordingly.
News - Oct 26, 2021

Tremor Blackboard™ - Real Time Reinsurance Placement Collaboration

Tremor Technologies, Inc., the leading online reinsurance pricing and placing platform, is thrilled to announce the firm’s latest major feature, Tremor Blackboard™ Designed for ceded reinsurance teams currently working with spreadsheets, email and faxes asynchronously trying to organize reinsurance placements across offices, locations and possibly countries, Tremor Blackboard™ offers a modern collaboration solution that plugs directly into our award-winning marketplace with no additional software required. With Blackboard™, cedents have access to Tremor’s marketplace of $500B of reinsurance capital and state-of-the-art pricing and allocation technology.
News - Aug 24, 2021

Tremor Launches Panorama Surveyor™, Places $500M in 30 Days

Tremor Technologies, Inc. the leading online reinsurance pricing and placing platform, continues its rapid growth and adoption with the release of a powerful new feature, Panorama Surveyor™. Insurers looking to explore real time, most competitive prices for a variety of structures and perils can now do so with the latest feature offered on the Tremor Panorama platform. The new feature allows an insurance company to request complete market pricing for multiple structures simultaneously (e.
News - Jun 8, 2021

$700M+ Reinsurance Capacity Sought in May Alone on Tremor Panorama

Insurance companies utilizing Tremor Panorama, the leading online marketplace for reinsurance, have sought over $700M in capacity from reinsurers in May alone. Beyond May, Tremor has booked more than $1B in new placement commitments while doubling its insurance company client base and growing its network to 105 reinsurers, a 20% growth in total capital. So far this year, the company has entered into new agreements with a top-10 U.S. insurance company, a top-3 global property & casualty insurance company, several innovative insurtech carriers and several specialty insurance carriers to place reinsurance programs on its platform.
News - Feb 8, 2021

Tremor Launches Next-Gen Reinsurance Marketplace, Panorama™

Tremor Technologies, the leading online reinsurance marketplace, has launched its next generation trading platform, Panorama™. Tremor recently surpassed $1 billion in reinsurance risk priced and placed with its technology with nearly 100 participating reinsurance markets across a range of programs, structures and cedents. As the company has grown, its technology has evolved to perfectly match the needs of the reinsurance market - Panorama incorporates the company’s learnings and market requests over the past 24 months.