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News - May 23, 2023

AdvantageGo and Tremor Announce Strategic Alliance

AdvantageGo, a leading commercial insurance and reinsurance software provider, part of Coforge, today announced a strategic alliance with Tremor, a leading online reinsurance pricing and placing platform. Modernising the way to place reinsurance, Tremor provides reinsurance cedents with a new channel and an automated approach for finding the best market rates for reinsurance protection. The cost of reinsurance has increased dramatically at recent reinsurance renewals. Hard market pricing has put pressure on insurance carriers trying to renew their large reinsurance treaty programmes.
Blog - Jan 18, 2023

Supply curves in practice

Supply curves are fascinating – they capture reinsurers’ unique strategies and risk appetites in a way that only Tremor’s modern market tech and confidentiality rules can. How do reinsurers use them in practice? In this post, we analyze real supply curves and find a wide variety of curves and a wide variety of appetites, with one particularly interesting finding: based on our estimation, the reinsurers who put more effort into their curves are more likely to get the allocations that they want.
Blog - Dec 14, 2022

From contract to coverage in five days

The current renewal season has been one of the most challenging in decades. With many cedents struggling to find the capacity they need and many reinsurers waiting to see what the rest of the market does, it is easy to feel like the market has stalled. It doesn’t need to be this way – with a modern market design and proper incentives, placements go from contract to coverage in a fraction of the time.
News - Oct 23, 2022

European reinsurers embrace online reinsurance pricing and placing platform Tremor

Reprinted from the Intelligent Insurer, October 24 2022. European reinsurers are as keen to embrace online reinsurance pricing and placing as their peers in the rest of the world – and even have an advantage because of the greater frequency of face-to-face contact reinsurers and cedants have in the market. That is the view of Sean Bourgeois, chief executive officer of Tremor, the online reinsurance pricing and placing platform, which has unveiled its Reinsurer Product Council comprising eight global reinsurance companies and insurance-linked securities (ILS) funds representing nearly $100 billion in capital.
Blog - Jul 14, 2022

Tremor is fast

Panorama dramatically speeds up the placement of reinsurance. Consider the following statistics from Tremor’s placements: Reinsurers who participated on Tremor learned their final lines within three business days of submitting their authorizations. Cedents who placed with Tremor finalized coverage in five business days from the time Tremor started collecting authorizations, without having to invest time to set firm order pricing. By comparison, a traditional firm order terms (FOT) process often takes more than a month to resolve the same issues.
News - Dec 14, 2021

Tremor Announces Record $175M Premium Transacted in 2021, 400% Marketplace Revenue Growth

Tremor Technologies, Inc., the leading online reinsurance pricing and placing platform, is pleased to announce that its marketplace has transacted $175M of reinsurance premium in 2021 and has achieved exciting marketplace revenue growth of over 400% year over year. Since 2018, over $275M of reinsurance premium has been transacted on the Tremor marketplace. While the market has continued to harden overall and traditional reinsurance placements struggle, Tremor has had its best quarter yet delivering required capacity for challenging placements well ahead of renewal dates with record numbers of participating reinsurers.
News - Sep 21, 2021

Two-Thirds of Lloyd’s of London Capacity Now Available on Tremor

Tremor Technologies, Inc., the leading online reinsurance pricing and placing platform, furthers its rapid adoption with tremendous growth at the venerable Lloyd’s of London. Today, Tremor has crossed the two-thirds threshold whereby 67% of Lloyd’s stamp capacity is now directly available to insurance companies seeking reinsurance protection via the Tremor marketplace. More specifically, 33 Lloyd’s Syndicates representing more than 70% of Lloyd’s Managing Agents have entered into agreements to offer coverage directly on the Tremor marketplace, representing over $33 billion of capacity.
News - Sep 8, 2021

Tremor’s Marketplace Capital Surpasses $500B with 115 Reinsurers On Platform

Tremor Technologies, Inc., the leading online reinsurance pricing and placing platform, has surpassed an important $500 billion in reinsurance capital milestone this month signing its 115th reinsurer to its marketplace. Tremor now provides insurance companies direct access to more than 95% of the world’s reinsurance capacity across traditional reinsurers, Lloyd’s syndicates and ILS funds. In addition, Tremor recently announced that it has completed agreements with every major reinsurance broker in the world.
News - Jul 22, 2021

Tremor Signs All Major Brokers, 95% of Reinsurance Market Covered

Expansive reinsurance marketplace Tremor has announced that it has secured agreements with 8 major reinsurance brokers representing over 95% of reinsurance placements worldwide. When combined with the 110 reinsurance companies, ILS funds and Lloyd’s Syndicates active on Tremor, the company has solidified its place at the center of the modernization of reinsurance risk transfer worldwide. “We have said from the beginning that Tremor supercharges risk transfer with a new market model that benefits all parties.
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