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Blog - Dec 9, 2019

Lessons from Short Placements

Short placements tell us about the additional price margin reinsurers build into their authorizations. Last time, we used oversubscription to measure inefficiency, but we know what many of you who read our analysis were thinking – my broker does a great job and my program always starts as a short placement, particularly in the current hardening market. If this is you, on the surface it sounds like you are getting a great deal.
Blog - Oct 25, 2019

The Cost of Oversubscription in Reinsurance

Oversubscription happens in a reinsurance program when the capacity needs of the buyer – the cedent – are exceeded by the capacity offered by the sellers – the reinsurers. It is a basic economic phenomenon that if a product sold-out while there were still more parties willing to buy it, then alternatively the product’s price could have been raised to the point where it sold-out at the exact moment when all buyers had purchased their fill.
News - Sep 23, 2019

3 Disruptors Striding Over The Insurtech Market

Events - Sep 10, 2019

Tremor @ Monte-Carlo: The Comprehensive Benefits of Programmatic Risk Trading

Auction technology and optimization mathematics can play a powerful role in price discovery and capacity allocation, taking into account rich sets of preferences in ways that a traditional marketplace cannot. These technologies have advanced marketplaces in a range of industries including gas, electricity, advertising and financial services in general. Properly applied to the insurance and reinsurance industry, these technologies can deliver wonderful benefits and efficiencies to all. This panel will discuss emerging marketplace models that take the best of traditional reinsurance placement and marry it with the best of programmatic market mechanisms for the benefit of cedents, brokers and reinsurers.
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