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Blog - May 20, 2020

Tremor ILW Marketplace Update, May 2020

Market Summary Tremor’s weekly ILW (industry loss warranty) market is growing. In its first six weeks, Tremor has seen an average of more than USD 60M capacity offered and USD 30M of protection requested. Spreads have fluctuated, with the best buy and sell prices converging to produce a successful transaction for US wind and earthquake risk. Spreads are narrowing, and activity is expected to increase going into June and July.
News - Apr 15, 2020

Tremor Successfully Clears World’s First Programmatic ILW Trade

On April 2nd, Tremor opened weekly online Industry Loss Warranty (ILW) auctions to provide an active marketplace to transact coverage. While most re/insurance markets continue to remain challenged or closed entirely and while many intermediaries are calling for automatic contract extensions, Tremor is seeing rapid growth in the use of its fully online, programmatic marketplace to price and allocate re/insurance programs. Each week, Tremor posts a range of common ILWs for auction.
News - Mar 26, 2020

Tremor Opens Weekly Industry Loss Warranty Trading

The traditional insurance and reinsurance market is facing many challenges due to COVID-19. In light of the importance of keeping re/insurance trades flowing, Tremor is opening weekly online Industry Loss Warranty (ILW) auctions beginning April 2, 2020. The company will host a weekly auction every Thursday to ensure that the ILW market continues to operate while bringing additional efficiencies to the process. Buyers and sellers of ILW protection are welcome to participate.
Blog - Jan 13, 2020

By the Numbers: Treaties on Tremor

As Tremor closes the books on 2019, we pause to take a look back at the performance our marketplace achieved for cedents. We publicly announced top-line statistics back in December – more than 100 clients signed up on both sides of the market and more than $2 billion in priced capacity. The graph below highlights the experience of cedents who placed their treaties through Tremor, compressing the pricing and placement into a short auction that completes in less than 5 days.
News - Dec 10, 2019

Tremor Brings $600 million of Capacity to Successful Renewal of Berkley’s Property Catastrophe Program

Tremor, the leading programmatic marketplace for insurance and reinsurance risk transfer, has now exceeded more than $2 billion in reinsurer quotes and now counts more than 100 reinsurers, Lloyd’s syndicates and ILS funds as members of its marketplace. Last week, W. R. Berkley Corporation successfully priced and placed the renewal of its 2020 Property Catastrophe Program on the Tremor marketplace. More than 50 reinsurers from all major markets participated with $600 million of capacity made available by Tremor for the renewal.
Blog - Dec 9, 2019

Lessons from Short Placements

Short placements tell us about the additional price margin reinsurers build into their authorizations. Last time, we used oversubscription to measure inefficiency, but we know what many of you who read our analysis were thinking – my broker does a great job and my program always starts as a short placement, particularly in the current hardening market. If this is you, on the surface it sounds like you are getting a great deal.
Blog - Oct 25, 2019

The Cost of Oversubscription in Reinsurance

Oversubscription happens in a reinsurance program when the capacity needs of the buyer – the cedent – are exceeded by the capacity offered by the sellers – the reinsurers. It is a basic economic phenomenon that if a product sold-out while there were still more parties willing to buy it, then alternatively the product’s price could have been raised to the point where it sold-out at the exact moment when all buyers had purchased their fill.
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