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Tremor Reinsurance Capacity Offered in Under 72 Hours on Average

December 9, 2022

Half of reinsurers authorize within a single day, complete capacity offered in 72 hours

Tremor Technologies, Inc., the leading online reinsurance pricing and placing platform, has presented its aggregate marketplace data demonstrating the speed of accessing complete program capacity. On average, half of participating reinsurers on a Tremor placement authorize capacity within a day and full program capacity is received in less than 72 hours. This is in stark contrast to traditional placements, many of which are struggling to attract enough capacity at all in the current market environment.

Average time to contract terms and authorization

“Tremor’s market design enables efficient pricing and allocation of reinsurance programs competitively. Many 1/1 programs are currently struggling to attract the attention of reinsurers and those that have are finding that there is not enough capacity available. Tremor’s design and the technology powering price discovery and allocation provides cedents and their brokers a much more efficient process to attract capacity competitively and complete programs quickly, far ahead of renewal dates”, said Sean Bourgeois, Tremor CEO.

Reinsurers offering capacity on Tremor are able to offer precisely what they want while Tremor’s technology allows the cedent to see the market in aggregate and determine a common clearing price for everyone that satisfies what everyone wants simultaneously. Traditional placements require individual bilateral negotiation which is not only time consuming, but in a hardening market, usually means capacity is offered very late if at all. Tremor’s market design changes this dynamic both with process and technology resulting in best execution for cedents and their brokers.

Cedents interested in learning more about Tremor’s technology and how we can help them complete 1/1 renewals are invited to reach out directly to the company by contacting Suzan Jo at sjo@tremor.co.