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Tremor Launches Product Council with 8 Global Reinsurers Backing Initiative

October 11, 2022

Reinsurers will partner directly with Tremor’s Product team to develop features

Tremor Technologies, Inc., the leading online reinsurance pricing and placing platform, is pleased to announce that the company has launched its Reinsurer Product Council with its first cohort of eight global reinsurance companies and ILS funds participating representing nearly $100B in industry capital. Participating companies include a cross section of major US, Bermudian and European reinsurers as well as alternative capital providers.

“Tremor is on a mission to create a transparent, price and cost efficient reinsurance marketplace that benefits everyone. Tremor allows reinsurers to express exactly what they would like to authorize and ensures through its market model and technology that they receive it - in a way that keeps detailed, individual preferences confidential. This allows Tremor to find optimal clearing prices for everyone at the same time - powered by data and transparency. This approach maximizes optimal trade for everyone.

Working directly with reinsurers as we continue to build features for the capacity side of our market is very important - not only to continue to educate them as to the benefits of authorizing capacity on the Tremor marketplace, but to ensure that they participate in the build process”, said Sean Bourgeois, Tremor CEO.

The product council will meet quarterly as a group for a progress update on platform activity, a review of aggregate market data, feature development progress and to discuss the near and longer term product roadmap for the platform. In addition, the council will have the opportunity to meet with Tremor’s product team and executive leadership between meetings on a direct basis to address specific ideas and opportunities.

Tremor is thrilled to have already added eight major reinsurers to the council with more joining soon. The product council is open to all reinsurers and ILS funds, interested parties should contact Suzan Jo at Tremor on sjo@tremor.co for more information.

The Reinsurer Product Council builds on Tremor’s recent release of Tremor Sandbox™, available at re.tremor.co/demos. Anyone can sign up and try Tremor’s self-driven insurer and reinsurer demos at any time. It’s all part of Tremor’s push for maximum transparency and efficiency to benefit everyone in the reinsurance market of the future.