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Introducing self-driven demos

September 8, 2022
By Chris Wilkens, Chief Product Officer

Have you ever wanted to explore Tremor or see what the experience is like for the other side of a transaction? We’re excited to announce self-driven demos that let you go hands-on with Tremor and simulate transactions. Our self-driven demos let you step through a Panorama transaction as either a cedent or a reinsurer. You can use them to practice, to see how specific features work, and even to experience Tremor from the other side of the transaction.

Process transparency

Our self-driven demos are an important part of our mission to be a transparent marketplace. Market transparency is not just about data like price and volume – it also means that the rules that govern the market are clear and available to everyone. On Tremor, process transparency means that there is no mystery in how authorizations are mapped to lines, what the cedent sees and does in its Panorama view, or how market data is made available post-transaction. Our self-driven demos allow you to simulate a transaction forward and backward to see Tremor’s market rules in action.

Explore Tremor as a reinsurer

The reinsurer authorization demo lets you authorize coverage, then simulate a cedent who buys a full fill so that you can see your final line. If you are a reinsurer, it is a great way to get comfortable with Tremor’s authorization tools and the way authorizations map to lines; if you are a cedent, it lets you put yourself in the shoes of your markets. The demo steps between the reinsurer authorization phase and results, allowing you to:

  • Practice submitting supply curves in a standard authorization.

  • Simulate results based on your authorization and review results – see your own line as well as aggregate market data.

  • Step back and forth between authorization and results, changing your supply curves and seeing how the results change.

  • Add constraints to your standard authorization and see how they impact your line.

  • Try a stretch authorization.

The reinsurer authorization demo.

Experience Tremor as a cedent

The cedent panorama demo lets you manage a transaction from start to finish and see Tremor’s unique Panorama interface for setting pricing. If you are cedent, this demo is a great way to see the power of Panorama and get comfortable with the platform before a real transaction; if you are a reinsurer, it shows you what the cedent will do once you have submitted your authorization. Things you can do include:

  • Explore authorized capacity in Tremor’s Panorama interface and submit your final pricing.

  • Manage the reinsurers that will participate in the transaction, including which reinsurers are approved to participate and panel constraints (seller caps).

  • See how the pricing you set in Panorama translates into final lines.

  • Try panel controls, scenarios, and other advanced features in Panorama.

The cedent panorama demo.

Learn more

Our self-driven demos are available at re.tremor.co/demos. If you have questions, reach out to us!