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Tremor @ Jefferies Insurtech Conference

March 22, 2022

Tremor Technologies, Inc. Founder & CEO Sean Bourgeois participated in a fireside chat today during the Jefferies Insurtech Conference to discuss alternative re/insurance distribution with insurtech pioneer Jennifer Fitzgerald, co-founder & CEO of Policygenius and Yaron Kinar of Jefferies investment bank.

The conversation covered a wide range of topics including a review of the core business models of each company, which product lines each company distributes and each company’s view on the value in the insurance ecosystem being weighted to distribution.

The discussion covered how each platform is using technology in innovative and differentiated ways and specifically, the opportunity for reinsurance distribution to improve price and cost efficiency with technology. In terms of reinsurance, Tremor’s pricing and allocation technology was discussed and how Tremor works closely with brokers as part of a Tremor placement was reviewed in detail, along with the benefits users of Tremor get on the platform. The ease of transacting highly complex risk without requiring standardization was also covered.

Lastly, a preview of the future where Tremor helps buyers better structure their placements with data while bringing more enhanced parametric options to market as climate change drives loss frequency and severity were also discussed.

A replay of the conference can be found here.

Jefferies Insurtech Panel