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Tremor Blackboard™ - Real Time Reinsurance Placement Collaboration

October 26, 2021

Collaborate across offices, review scenarios and bind coverage anytime, anywhere

Tremor Technologies, Inc., the leading online reinsurance pricing and placing platform, is thrilled to announce the firm’s latest major feature, Tremor Blackboard™

Designed for ceded reinsurance teams currently working with spreadsheets, email and faxes asynchronously trying to organize reinsurance placements across offices, locations and possibly countries, Tremor Blackboard™ offers a modern collaboration solution that plugs directly into our award-winning marketplace with no additional software required.

With Blackboard™, cedents have access to Tremor’s marketplace of $500B of reinsurance capital and state-of-the-art pricing and allocation technology. Once reinsurers authorize their capacities, Tremor Blackboard™ allows a ceded reinsurance team to review various price, limit and terms scenarios for teams working down the hall, across town, across cities and around the world.

Similar to Google DocsⓇ, Tremor Blackboard™ allows cedents across locations to review pricing and limit options online, together and live in the application. Test options, save scenarios, decide as a team on your optimal placement. As one user makes changes in their account the entire team sees them live, instantly on their screens. It’s a modern approach to reinsurance program management that saves time and effort while logging progress every step of the way with a complete audit trail.

For insurance companies and their brokers spending weeks and weeks of time trading emails with spreadsheets trying to keep a single source of truth maintained, Tremor Blackboard™ is for you - no more email, no more spreadsheets and certainly no more faxes. No more clunky Zoom screen sharing. No need to add even more software to your placement process. Error prone double entry of data is also eliminated.

Put modern trading technology to work for you and use modern collaboration tools to review, discuss and finalize your reinsurance programs wherever you are in the world whenever you like. Your reinsurance program is at your entire team’s fingertips and always up to date, 24/7, 7 days a week.

Tremor Blackboard™ is available at no additional cost as part of the company’s Marketplace 2.0 platform.