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Tremor Launches Panorama Surveyor™, Places $500M in 30 Days

August 24, 2021

Insurers no longer need to make a reinsurance structure or key peril choice in advance

Tremor Technologies, Inc. the leading online reinsurance pricing and placing platform, continues its rapid growth and adoption with the release of a powerful new feature, Panorama Surveyor™. Insurers looking to explore real time, most competitive prices for a variety of structures and perils can now do so with the latest feature offered on the Tremor Panorama platform. The new feature allows an insurance company to request complete market pricing for multiple structures simultaneously (e.g. UNL & ILW) and multiple perils simultaneously (Cyber, NBCR, etc.), then decide how much of each to buy and at what uniform price. Two major reinsurance placements totaling more than $500M have already been completed using the Panorama Surveyor™ feature.

“We believe that Surveyor™ is a game changer for reinsurance buyers, further enhancing the Panorama pricing and placing platform. With Surveyor™, buyers do not need to have a final structure decided in advance or a firm position on critical perils before seeing the entire market of real prices - not rough estimations, the entire market. And it goes further - why make a binary decision when optimization tech like Tremor’s allows the buyer to blend? Why should insurers need to decide to include or exclude Cyber coverage from a reinsurance layer or an entire tower when they can buy 30% Cyber if the price is suitable? Panorama Surveyor™ delivers this power to buyers while allowing capacity providers to bid exactly as they want for what they want”, said Sean Bourgeois, Tremor’s founder and CEO.

Panorama Surveyor™ represents the latest advance for the Tremor platform as the reinsurance marketplace continues to modernize. Tremor believes that an efficient reinsurance market that perfectly matches risk to capital can only be achieved completely with the new market structure that Tremor has introduced powered by the optimization tools it has developed - and Panorama is proving this out as more and more cedents adopt the technology for their reinsurance purchases. All major reinsurance brokers have signed up to the platform as well, all having placed significant transactions in the last few quarters.

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2021 has been an exciting year for the company, currently on track to triple volume as the industry moves into the busy year-end period.