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Blog - May 18, 2023

The value of brokers and market experts

Brokers are market experts. They live and breathe their markets and apply their unique expertise to help clients to get the best results. As modern technology revolutionizes the way humans connect – from social networks to programmatic trading – the need for their expertise navigating complex markets like reinsurance has never been greater. The history of broking Broking has always been about connecting the right client and counterparty. Historically, the hardest part of making a deal was finding the people who wanted to trade.
Blog - Apr 20, 2023

2022 was a wake-up call like hurricane Andrew

Insurance is protection. When the reinsurance market fails, risk isn’t transferred and, in the worst case, people are left exposed – market failures undermine the very reason that insurance exists. 2022 was such a market failure. We discuss the underlying economics and the lessons the industry must learn – that a modern market mechanic with robust price discovery is critical – so it doesn’t happen again. 2022 was one of the most challenging reinsurance markets in decades.
Blog - Mar 23, 2023

Cross-treaty contingencies with Tremor

Reinsuring a risk or treaty is never contemplated in isolation. Every decision to transfer risk is made considering the overall portfolios of both the insurer ceding the risk and the reinsurer taking it on. Most reinsurers prefer to take on a diverse slice of a cedent’s risk, and most cedents need reinsurance across their entire portfolio. Since our goal at Tremor is to improve the allocation of risk – not just the syndication of individual treaties but the allocation across programs as well – we are excited to announce two additions to the Tremor platform: Multiplace determines prices and allocations for multiple programs simultaneously while automatically managing cross-treaty concerns.
Blog - Feb 16, 2023

Do more with renewals

Consider this true story of a ceded re buyer who stepped into a new role for a time: [A ceded re buyer] spent X years in the role, meeting reinsurers in all the usual venues and negotiating reinsurance contracts. He shifted to [another role] for about 10 years, and then returned to the buyer’s chair. When he returned, he came back to a contract that had barely changed from the ones he negotiated a decade prior.
Blog - Jan 18, 2023

Supply curves in practice

Supply curves are fascinating – they capture reinsurers’ unique strategies and risk appetites in a way that only Tremor’s modern market tech and confidentiality rules can. How do reinsurers use them in practice? In this post, we analyze real supply curves and find a wide variety of curves and a wide variety of appetites, with one particularly interesting finding: based on our estimation, the reinsurers who put more effort into their curves are more likely to get the allocations that they want.
Blog - Dec 14, 2022

From contract to coverage in five days

The current renewal season has been one of the most challenging in decades. With many cedents struggling to find the capacity they need and many reinsurers waiting to see what the rest of the market does, it is easy to feel like the market has stalled. It doesn’t need to be this way – with a modern market design and proper incentives, placements go from contract to coverage in a fraction of the time.
Blog - Nov 17, 2022

Authorization strategies for XoL placements

As a reinsurer, Tremor’s powerful authorization tools uniquely allow you to control your allocation while having a strong voice in the placement process. We recently discussed how to use supply curves to control your allocation and how Tremor gives you a stronger voice in the placement process – in this post, we will focus on excess of loss (XoL) towers and highlight a few of the the higher-level strategies that Tremor’s authorization tools make possible, including:
Blog - Oct 13, 2022

The reinsurer voice

Reinsurers are price takers in the firm order terms (FOT) process. The cedent sets pricing and then solicits authorizations from reinsurers – while coverage terms may be negotiated, prices are held firm. Even when reinsurers are invited to quote before terms are set, final pricing is driven largely by broker models and advice. Pure price-taking is a compromise in any market. It simplifies the process but limits the breadth of ways that buyers and sellers can come to terms.
Blog - Sep 8, 2022

Introducing self-driven demos

Have you ever wanted to explore Tremor or see what the experience is like for the other side of a transaction? We’re excited to announce self-driven demos that let you go hands-on with Tremor and simulate transactions. Our self-driven demos let you step through a Panorama transaction as either a cedent or a reinsurer. You can use them to practice, to see how specific features work, and even to experience Tremor from the other side of the transaction.
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